Omologo is a brand new Serif semi stencil font family based on "old style" typography, translated in modern era with unconventional number of LIGATURE. A mix of geometric forms, antique ligature and oblsolete (or forget?) gliphs.

Currently it comes in 2 styles: round and italic.
Each weight includes extended language support, ligatures and up to 2000 gliphs.

Opentype feature

- Standard + discretionary ligature (liga, dlig)
- Alternative style set (ss01, ss02)
- Small capital (c2sc, smcp)
- Lining + Oldstyle figure linear or tabular (lnum, onum)
- Numerator + Denominator + Subscript + Superscript (pnum, tnum, sups, subs)
- Fraction (frac)
- Kerning table (kern)

Unicode block
- C0 Controls and Basic Latin
- C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement
- Latin Extended-A
- Latin Extended-B

Omologo is incredibly useful on most of creative field like magazine, poster, book, composition and it's a great ingredient to have in every kitchen!

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